Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Prayer List


Rebecca's Cousin's Boyfriend

People Who don't know God

Everyone who will be coming to the retreat as speakers and teens...that they will connect with just what is needed.

People don't get sick with the weather going up and down

Safety and no injuries with our sports teams

Thanking God for YOU!!

Logan's Knee

Libby's Aunt Margaret

Kailyn Bently for speedy recovery

Courage in all of our hearts

The retreat

Any unspoken prayers

Cancer patients

The Abbe and Methodist church as both are in search of pastors

If anybody would like to add something, feel free! Just click on "comment", then write what you want and sign your name. Where it says "comment as" just click on "anonymous".

Thank you to everybody who has commented on the posts! It is very apreciated!!


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