Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Something Encouraging

When Andrew came home from baseball practice today, he said that at the end of practice when the boys were all in a huddle, Dan started to pray! Amazing, right?!! Well, it gets better, actually worse then better. Somebody backed away from the prayer huddle angry that they were praying. At the end of the prayer, a couple boys defended Dan and said that there is nothing wrong with praying. It is very uplifting to not only hear of groups of people praying, but to hear that when sombody has a problem with it the boys stick together and stand up for our amazing, all powerful God!!

Don't be afraid to stand out!! Say a prayer when everybody else is gossiping, memorize a Bible verse when others are memorizing songs, tell other kids about God even when that's not the cool thing to do. When you act in a Christ-like way when it is easier to go with the crowd, God sees what you are doing and it makes Him proud! Don't worry what other people think about you, all that matters is that God is happy with the girl that you are!!

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  1. This is such an encouragement. A friend had a note on a 'popular social network' about how troubled she was with 'the kids these days'... I had to tell her that I know of many AMAZING young men and women that I am delighted to know (after all they will be the ones taking me to church and running errands when I no longer can;-)

    But Dan and the young men that stood up for him are part of that group as are you. And what a smile our Jesus has on His face that you are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a testimony you have been to all watching.

    We'll be praying that God continues to pursue the young man who walked away ~ God has a great plan for him.

    Blessings ~ and enjoy! your day.