Monday, April 30, 2012

Make a Difference

Most of us know that God loves us and he has a plan for our lives, but think about all the people at school that have no idea who God is. What if God was trying to tell you that you need to talk to that girl who sits alone in studylab, but you wont talk to them because they aren't "cool". Or, maybe God wants you to tell your friends about him, but you don't because they might not like you anymore. Well, maybe its time that we all stick together and spread the love of God. It only takes one person to change the world and you would hate to find out that somebody wont end up in Heaven because it was your job to reach out to them and you didn't.


  1. And you know...even if you talk to someone about God and they blow you off, you planted a sticks to them and they will remember it and will remember you were the one and it could be a long time later that it affects them.
    I fell down on the sidewalk in Boston and cut my arm and 2 people helped me to find a drugstore to got some bandages. Their kindness was something I will always remember and it didn't change my life. If you share God instead of bandages, God can very much change a life...if you hear about him, and hear his voice and follow. Some people just need to hear. I think we sometimes don't realize how much we know about God just because we went to Sunday School...or Bible School...things that others don't ever hear about.

  2. We talked today about the "Woman at the Well" from John 4. My favorite part of that story has always been that Jesus "needed" to go thru Samaria, or another translation - Jesus "had' to go thru Samaria.

    This was a VERY unpopular thing for Him to do at that time. The Jews and Samaritians hated each other. Travelers would always choose to go out of the way to avoid Samaria. But Jesus KNEW he HAD to go to Samaria because His Father whispered there is someone there who needs to meet you. What a blessing for that woman that He obeyed, for her entire village that He obeyed and for all of us to follow after and hear this story that HE obeyed... So we need to do the same, listen for that quiet God whisper and reach out to those that aren't the popular ones, aren't the cool ones...